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We don't fear the cold: data loggers for ultra freezers!

Ultra freezers operate in extreme cold conditions, from -40°C to -140°C and beyond. A cold much more intense than we humans can imagine, and prohibitive even for most data loggers.
Here are the data loggers equipped for missions in the ultra-cold:
• S-MicroW L Ultra Freeze, if equipped with the special battery can collect data for 2 months at -80°C. Perfect for monitoring and validation!
• S-MicroW XL Ultra Freeze, with its long tip length and flexibility varying from 20 to 100 mm and more, collects data from the ultra-cold that can be conveniently viewed on a Windows PC.

• S-MicroW L Bendable Ultra Freeze, with a foldable semi-rigid metal probe, is operated with Windows software. It is capable of withstanding missions down to -80°C, but is not afraid of warmer temperatures of up to 140°C.
• S-MicroW XL Bendable 2 mm: the most versatile, it withstands from -40°C to 250°C, so it is the only data logger that can track data in both ultra-freeze and oven!