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Constantly checking moisture or temperature level is necessary to monitor:_ houses _ premises_ factories  _ sensible places such as cellars Use our dedicated data loggers!



Today we don't want to talk about Case Study, technical notions or even regarding a new product.Let's do a presentation!We would like to introduce the members of Tecnosoft staff!Let's start with GiadaIt has been part of Tecnosoft for almost 4 years and for 2 years it has been part of the Sales …

Centering tool


And this time... What did we come up with ?!?Find out in this video! Make a hole in the can then fix the data logger on the center and that's it!Thanks to our "Centering Tool" you can control the pasteurisation process in cans without using strange objects.

Long Term Rent


Would you like to wait to invest in the purchase of a fleet of tools!The rental service we talked about on Tuesday may not be exactly what you are currently looking for!Don't worry!Now, you can access to our long-term leasing plan.Rent the system for a few months or years and redeem it at the end or…



Do you need a large number of loggers for overtime work?Do you need to temporarily expand your fleet?No problem!We can provide you with the loggers you need for hire.You can request:- temperature and humidity loggers for cold chains and mapping of rooms, warehouses, refrigerators,- temperature and …

Do you think that it is really "complicated" to monitor pasteurisation process in bottles?How you can fix the data logger on the bottle?Maybe you are able to fix it ... but the method you use is patchy and impractical?Now we have the solution for you! We know how difficult it is to locate and …

Summer closure


Let’s tell the truth, we all want to go on holidays, don't we?!?We still have lot of time before our closing period!Don't forget our summer closure from 9 to 22 August

Last week we talked about TC-Log, our temperature data logger for thermocouples range. Today we show you their Heat ProtectionsWe have created thermal protections to protect the data logger body, which can withstand up to 300 °C.Yeah, you read it right, 300 °C! You can combine thermal …

What does it mean that accuracy is valid in the calibration range?Has someone explained it to you?Read it now, the data loggers have:A) an operating range, ie a range within which the logger in its entirety can work,B) an operating range of the sensor, this is the range within which the sensor only,…