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A new TS Manager version is available: download and install it to obtain various upgrades and new features!

Tecnosoft will attend Pharmintech 2019, the pharmaceutical, medical and healthcare exhibition in Bologna (Italy) from 10th to 12th april 2019, in partnership with Italian company CalPower. We will be waiting for you to unveil new monitoring solutions from Tecnosoft world!

Tecnosoft will participate with its booth at the Milan Politecnco PMI Day this year too. On the 22nd of november 2018 we are keen to meet electronic and programming enthusiast who are willing to build their carrier in an environment and company focused on R&D. Don't loose the opportunity and …

The fiscal incentives for items belonging to the Industria 4.0 continues for all 2018. Order now your system and save more than 60% of its price list cost! For Italian copanies only. Contact us now!

Tecnosoft presents its new rotation logger: it records movement and rotations on all three axis. It comes along with a dedicated software and requires the DiskInterface HS for PC connection.

2018 Summer closing


Tecnosoft informs that it will close from the 13th till the 24th of august 2018, included. We will open again on the 27th.

New TS Manager version is now available. Among the many new features we recall: - possibility to print just the sections' graph and table - new MKT analysis - new analysis on max and min limit of temperature and humidity - new leak test analysis for pressure - TempStick and HumiStick implementation

Along with TC-Log 8, 8 channels thermocouple data logger, it is also available the TC-Log 8 S, alwways for thermocouples, always for up to 8 channels but without connectors, more compact to be inserted in narrow spaces. Resitant up to 130°C.

TC-Log 8 si the 8 channels thermocouples data logger with connectors: the new version let you connect any type of sensor because the connectors are unviersal and no more dedicated to the different types.

Tecnosoft will be closed on the 25th of aprile for national holiday.