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Here’s our Maurizio!A veteran we could say...He’s been in Tecnosoft since the beginning, in fact, more than 30 years ago he started his career as Analyst-Programmer here.Software programming is his daily routine!Maurizio is an ironic person, he always tells jokes and his joy is …

How do car factories paint their car bodies so uniformly and free of imperfections? If you always thought that painting mostly concerned brushes and compressors, continue reading the article!   We will talk about an essential accessory for perfect painting: the painting oven.   …



Today's Federico Sfolcini turn!Despite his young age he has been on the Tecnosoft team for 6 years!Juggle perfectly between thermal baths, climate chambers and calibration software.If there is a problem he will find a solution!He is a very meticulous person and for his colleagues is reliable at …



Did you know that monitoring systems should also be used in cosmetics?The cosmetic manufacturer is responsible for the proper execution of the manufacturing and packaging operations in accordance with good manufacturing practice.Our systems are suitable for use in the cosmetic field, compatible with…



Do you have a particular need?Did you find an instrument that might do the job but you would like it slightly different?Don't worry and ask for a customization! Tecnosoft designs, develops and assembles its own systems in its premises and owns all necessary equipment to adapt, modify and …



Today's Eng. Leonardo Cerri turn He is a biomedical engineer and has been part of Tecnosoft’s Research & Development team for almost 4 years.Leo, is very precise and does not want to be called "nerd".Let’s not forget that his football faith comes first of all; here there are …



Constantly checking moisture or temperature level is necessary to monitor:_ houses _ premises_ factories  _ sensible places such as cellars Use our dedicated data loggers!



Today we don't want to talk about Case Study, technical notions or even regarding a new product.Let's do a presentation!We would like to introduce the members of Tecnosoft staff!Let's start with GiadaIt has been part of Tecnosoft for almost 4 years and for 2 years it has been part of the Sales …

Centering tool


And this time... What did we come up with ?!?Find out in this video! Make a hole in the can then fix the data logger on the center and that's it!Thanks to our "Centering Tool" you can control the pasteurisation process in cans without using strange objects.

Long Term Rent


Would you like to wait to invest in the purchase of a fleet of tools!The rental service we talked about on Tuesday may not be exactly what you are currently looking for!Don't worry!Now, you can access to our long-term leasing plan.Rent the system for a few months or years and redeem it at the end or…