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In nature, micro-organisms are incredibly diverse, and consist of both useful and harmful types. Pasteurisation is a process used to considerably reduce the number of micro-organisms, to a level where it is unlikely that they are able to cause disease, while conserving the desired properties of …

Data Logger S-Micro


S-Micro temperature data logger from 0°C to 220°C with different lengths external probe. t is used in different applications: Food&Beverage, Sterilisation, Pasteurisation, Medical, Pharmaceutical, Validation, Healthcare, Laboratories.

Steam, how can be it used during a sterilisation process?

Several pharmaceutical companies, working tirelessly throughout 2020, have finally managed to produce and make available vaccines against the COVID-19 virus . Vaccines have already passed the testing and approval phase. They just need to be distributed. One might think that it is all downhill …

Tecnosoft closing


Tecnosoft will be closed from december the 24th 2020 till the 6th january 2021 included. We will open again on thursday the 7th.

Tecnosoft may be the key piece for the logistical challenge posed by the new anti-Covid vaccine. A very complex challenge since it must be transported and stored at a temperature below -70 ° C. In fact, the company has developed systems using various technologies, from Contactless to Bluetooth, …

The humidity and temperature of the cellar are two important parameters. If you are interested in a cellar for wines, cured meat or cheeses, you can’t ignore these elements if you want to obtain an environment that guarantees you quality conservation. Wine cellar temperature and humidity …

The new TempStick


Finally the day of TempStick has arrived, the new version is a concentrate of innovation, it is: • Super resistant • Splash proof • User replaceable battery

The temperature sensor cables in the warehouse are your nightmare? Would you like to dedicate yourself to your work but you spend a lot of time downloading data loggers? Are you swamped with tons of paper reports filled with data that could only be digital? You’re reading the right post! …

Tecnosoft closing


Tecnosoft will be closed from august the 13th till the 17th included. We will open again on tuesady the 18th.