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Do you have to measure the constant temperature in the ultra freezers?Do you have to monitor a temperature-controlled transport using your smartphone?Well, we have the solution for you!Our TempNFC is a contactless temperature data logger, with cable and rigid metal probe._ The version for ultra …

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Whishing everyone Happy Easter On April 5th we will be closed and come back Tuesday 6th

DID YOU KNOW that there is a method of preservation called ZEER (Arabic) or desert refrigerator?A clay pot is filled with damp sand, which contains another smaller pot, in which food is placed. The evaporation of the water that moistens the sand contained in the cavity between the two pots produces …

If you are among those who suspect an inappropriate transport monitoring, this article is for you! We will tell you the secret story behind some of our data loggers, including the BlueLog and the TempNFC. In fact, we added a very important function in these devices to avoid the fraud risk related …

We performed tests at the R&D department of a famous brand that produces leavened products and pastry specialties of our tradition; with our partner Ghiaroni & C. S.A.S. The goal we set was to monitor the temperature at the core of the product and then see the trend of the thermal …



A lot of you were waiting for it and here it is!S-MicroWH Temperature data logger for autoclaves resistant up to 150°C!Tecnosoft offers a full range of tools suited to precise and specific monitoring aimed to observe standards and quality requirementsContact us our team is at your disposal!



Why the Pirani Vacuum Logger has this name?Pirani Vacuum Logger takes its name from Marcello Stefano Pirani who, despite his Italian name, was a German scientist.The type of sensor named after him is based on the principle of variation of thermal conductivity as pressure changes (especially at …

Do you know that S-MICRO W L BENDABLE 500 the  resists up to 500 °C?Yes, that's right, its bendable probe range is from -40°C to 500°C.They are also available: S-MICRO W L BENDABLE 300S-MICRO W L BENDABLE 400 

BlueLog -80


Would you like to monitor real time temperature thanks to a small device?Would you like to monitor temperature controlled transports using your smartphone?Using BlueLog you can do it! Our BlueLog is a temperature data recorder with Bluetooth technology:_ The version for ultra freezers is …