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Computer USB Reading bay for high temperature datalogger as SterilDisk series, P-Micro, S-Micro

DiskInterface HS (High Speed) Mini is the connection bay used for downloading data and programming some models for high temperature data loggers. For all other loggers, please choose DiskInterface HS or Universal Multibay. It allows the communication between the data loggers and its management programs, SPD, TS Manager. Devices that can be connected are:


  • SterilDisk (all versions)
  • PasteurDisk Can
  • SterilDisk Can
  • P-Micro
  • S-Micro



DiskInterface HS, DiskInterface HS Mini - USB drivers Windows XP / Vista / 7
DiskInterface HS, DiskInterface HS Mini - USB drivers Windows 8 / 10
SPD - Complete software (USB drivers included)
TS Manager - Complete software (USB drivers included)
Tecno Calib - Complete software (USB drivers included)

Main features

  • Easy to use
  • Compact
  • Status LED
  • Shows battery status on software when logger is connected


Communication USB
Cable Included
Data loggers supported SterilDisk, P-Micro, S-Micro
Software&Mobile App SPD, TS Manager, Tecno Calib



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